Kentucky Exposition Center -- Time, Place, Manner Restrictions

Free Speech Policy


The purpose of 303 KAR 1:080, or the Kentucky Exposition Center’s free speech policy, including other Kentucky Venues properties on the Kentucky Exposition Center campus and its facilities, is to ensure that persons have the ability to exercise their right to peacefully demonstrate at an event held at the Kentucky Exposition Center while not unreasonably disrupting those who have license agreements for use of the Kentucky Exposition Center to conduct their event and business for which they have licensed or contracted the use of the event space.


General Information

The Kentucky Exposition Center is a limited public forum and has in place restrictions that are viewpoint neutral and reasonable in light of the purpose served by the Exposition Center, which is to provide venue space for cultural and educational events and entertainment, including concerts, sporting events and tradeshows. Aside from the Kentucky State Fair Board’s owned and produced shows, including the Kentucky State Fair, the World’s Championship Horse Show, the National Farm Machinery Show, the Championship Tractor Pull, the North American International Livestock Exposition and the Championship Rodeo (“KSFB owned and produced admission based ticketed events”), the Kentucky Exposition Center is licensed to others for use and 303 KAR 1:080 applies.

The link below is the map as referenced in 303 KAR 1:080 that designates the twelve (12) areas, or free speech zones. Within the free speech zones, ingress and egress to entryways may not be blocked. While the map does not specify the distance between those demonstrating or exercising their free speech rights and entryways, federal case law specific to the Kentucky Exposition Center determined that requiring demonstrators to be fifty (50) feet from the entryway to a licensed space did not violate the First Amendment.

During the KSFB owned and produced admission based ticketed events, 303 KAR 1:080 does not apply. 303 KAR 1:100 applies during the Kentucky State Fair and the carrying of placards, the posting, distributing or displaying of signs or other printed material shall only be conducted from the confines of a booth or fixed location rented from the KSFB within the fenced perimeter of the Kentucky Exposition Center. Those interested in renting a booth or fixed location during the Kentucky State Fair, or any other KSFB owned and produced admission based ticketed events, may contact Exposition Sales at (502) 367-5200.

There may be events held at the Kentucky Exposition Center which are private forum events, or events where the entire facility is licensed for a “closed” event, where registration and/or ticketed admission is required to enter the Kentucky Exposition Center campus inside the perimeter fence. Persons interested in demonstrating at a closed event must contact the event to inquire about booth space or otherwise participate or demonstrate at the closed event.

Protest Zones Map


For further information about this policy, contact:

Mr. Kevin Moore, General Manager

Kentucky Venues

937 Phillips Lane

Louisville, KY 40209

(502) 367-5253

To access the application referenced in 303 KAR 1:080, fill it out below or click here.