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Supporting Tourism And Agriculture By Hosting And Producing Successful Events

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At Kentucky Venues, we're dedicated to curating exceptional experiences and fostering success for every event. From bustling trade shows to community gatherings, our mission is clear: to champion tourism and agriculture by seamlessly hosting and producing events at our premier venues.  

Through strategic initiatives and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we're proud to be a catalyst for memorable moments and sustainable growth in the Commonwealth and beyond.

Economic Impact


The Kentucky State Fair Board is the governing body of Kentucky Venues. With members representing agriculture, business and education, the board was first created in 1938 to oversee the Kentucky State Fair.

2024 KY State Fair Board Meeting Dates

KY Venues Staff

Board Members

Gov Andy Beshear

Kentucky Governor

Gov. Andy Beshear

Dr Mark E Lynn

Chairman, Louisville

Dr. Mark E. Lynn

H David Wallace

Vice-Chairman, Verona

H. David Wallace

Commissioner Shell Headshot

Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Garrard County

Jonathan Shell

2menvwqc Screen Shot 2022 03 17 At 159 12 Pm

VP for Land-Grant Engagement and Dean College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, University of Kentucky, Lexington

Dr. Nancy Cox


Secretary of the Tourism Arts and Heritage Cabinet, Louisville

Secretary Lindy Casebier

Mike Barry 1


Michael E. Berry

Supmn8pn Screen Shot 2022 03 17 At 448 12 Pm

CDME-CTA Louisville

Cleo Battle

Zdg1ftbc Screen Shot 2022 03 17 At 459 15 Pm


Edward Bennett

Xaaf6vmi Johncox


John Cox



Brandon Garnett

Marshall Coyle


Marshall Coyle

Joseph T Goggin


Joseph T. Goggin



Hans Poppe

Michael Poynter


Michael Poynter

Kikeyyzj Screen Shot 2022 03 17 At 426 07 Pm

Bowling Green

Billy Ray Smith

Dr David Williams


Dr. David Williams

Executive Team

David Beck

President, CEO, Interim GM at KICC

David S. Beck

Kevin Moore Headshot

General Manager - Ky Exposition Center

Kevin Moore

Anthony Schreck Headshot

Chief Financial Officer

Tony Schreck

Missing Staff Image

General Counsel

Ellen Benzing


Executive Director of HR

Amanda Cloyd


Executive Director of Communications

Ian Cox

Missing Staff Image

CFE Executive Director of Expositions

Corinne P. Fetter

Headshot Shawn

Executive Director of Safety and Security

Shawn Hensler

Missing Staff Image

Executive Director of Operations

Kevin McCoy


Eezhmgci Screen Shot 2022 03 17 At 157 57 Pm 1

Finance & Administration Cabinet, Frankfort

Secretary Holly M. Johnson


President, 4-H, Sulphur, KY

Callie Derosett

Trenton Page

President, FFA, Adair County, KY

Trenton Page

Free Speech Policy

The purpose of the Kentucky Exposition Center’s free speech policy, is to ensure that persons have the ability to exercise their right to peacefully demonstrate at an event held at the Kentucky Exposition Center while not unreasonably disrupting those who have license agreements for use of the facility.

Free Speech Policy

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