Non-Profit Sponsorship Opportunities




Pursuant to KRS 45A.097 the Kentucky State Fair Board (“KSFB”) hereby announces the availability of an unlimited number of opportunities for non-profit organizations to provide Event Services to the Kentucky State Fair Board at its facilities at the Kentucky Exposition Center (“KEC”) and the Kentucky International Convention Center (“KICC”). Event Services include Ticket Taker, Usher, Greeter, Concierge, Elevator Attendant and “T-Shirt Security” personnel who staff events such as concerts, tradeshows, sporting events and expositions.

Both the KEC and the KICC provide a platform to market non-profit organizations to national and international audiences within various industries. The KEC is the sixth largest convention center in the country and plays a key role as a driving force of innovation in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, bringing hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact. Annual events at the Kentucky Exposition Center attract more than 1.5 million guests through its 1.2 million square foot facility, hosting 16 of the area’s top trade shows and four of the top 100 trade shows in the country. The KICC recently underwent a $180 million project that increased the contiguous exhibit area from 146,000 square feet to more than 200,000 square feet.

Opportunities to advertise may include the ability to set up educational or information displays during certain shows and expositions, wear identifying insignia or logo for the non-profit organization, and/or placement of approved temporary banners.

Requirements for participating as a sponsor and provider of Event Services include:

The non-profit organization must meet state and/or Federal requirements as a non-profit and provide proof of status and good standing.

Active members must be 16 years and older.

Background checks are to be conducted at the expense, if any, by the NPO through the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts. The NPO Administrator/Supervisor is to review background checks to ensure that NPO volunteers do not have convictions of crimes of moral turpitude.

Each member of the non-profit must attend mandatory trainings and maintain a consistent level of training to remain on the organization’s active volunteer membership roster.

The non-profit organization will have the opportunity to provide volunteers during the KSFB’s annually occurring events (National Farm Machinery Show, Kentucky State Fair, and the North American International Livestock Exposition). While some annual events are known in advance, some are not. KSFB may request non-profit organizations for events no later than 5 days prior to an event. Non-profits are expected to provide the KSFB no later than 24 hours prior to an event a list of approved members who will be volunteering.

All approved members of the organization must adhere to the Venue Services uniform code when reporting to an event.

To Respond:

Interested parties shall email or call the contact to discuss this opportunity and addresses the above requirements.

Potential sponsors and Event Services providers will be evaluated to determine the “best value” for the Commonwealth of Kentucky as described in KRS 45A.070(3) as follows:

  1. Financial value to the KSFB. Finance value may be monetary, trade or in-kind; and
  2. Enhancement of the KEC and/or KICC experience.

An entity that has a business or regulatory relationship with the Kentucky State Fair Board, or who may be lobbying or attempting to influence matters of that agency, may be considered for a sponsorship opportunity only if there is a clear benefit to the Commonwealth, or the sponsorship promotes economic development or tourism in the Commonwealth. An award of sponsorship shall not constitute an official enforcement of a particular company by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

For more information, contact:

Tim Postlethwait
Venue Services
Kentucky Venues
PO Box 37130
Louisville, KY 40233-7130

(502) 367-5216